Monday, June 22, 2009

Hi Everyone

Well how exciting is this??? I have wanted to start a blog and had no idea, but thanks to some good friends, they directed me to BlogSpot and ta I am. I'm not sure how often I will be able to post, but I will do my best to post often. Also hope to have some artwork up really soon.

Some exciting news!!!!! Two of my friends, Suzanne and Melissa, and I are headed to Durham, NC for the Copic Certification class. We are all so excited. I was introduced to Copics via the message boards and had to research what they were all about. Well I am such a "collector" and had to have some, so ordered in November 2008, went to FL in December for the winter and didn't have a chance to "play" with them. However back home and went to a LSS who carries the Copics and also has classes and even a Copic Club. Well I was on that like white is on rice. LOL I took the Copic 101 class and now I absolutely know what all the "fuss" is about. I am in love with my Copics. I also joined the Copic Club and Katie is our teacher. She is awesome and such a sweet gal. I'm loving my classes and club classes!!!! So after we go through our certification, I hope to have some great samples up for you all to enjoy. Oh did I mention that I ordered some more Copics, and some more Copics, and some more Copics. Well you get the picture. I seriously need a "Copic intervention". LOL

Have a great day everyone......take care and God Bless.....until next time!!!!