Sunday, October 18, 2009

On My Way Home

Well we have been in Myrtle Beach, SC for the Region III Rally for Holiday Rambler owners. Let me tell you it was not a pretty picture driving over there. It RAINED all the way and all that night. We kinda got stuck, so decided to stay right how we were parked until today. We had a couple of days with sunshine, but the majority of the time it was wet, drizzling, and cold. It did not rain on my parade though, as we had a great time being with our fellow club members. I was able to stay on my program and even got all my walks in. Last night I had to go out and walk by myself in the dark to get my steps but it was ok. Had to come in one time and rest, as my back was hurting. Sat for about 30 minutes and then told hubby I had to go out. I needed another 2000 steps to make my 8500 mininums. So I just took out and kept on walking, never looking at my pedometer, but determined I would go over my 8500 min steps. I walked and walked, and when I got home, looked at my pedometer and I had 10,115 steps. WOW determination pays off!!!! I had walked 3500+ steps!!!!! We are on our way home today and it was sunny when we left MB, but cold 48 this morning. It is cloudy now and I think it is supposed to be right at freezing in Greenville tonight/and AM. Man winter is coming fast this year. Time to head to FL. LOL

Hope you all had a great week-end and a good week to come. I am going to talk to some friends who have blogs and try to find out how to post my pictures. I know how to add one, but I want it after my description,...not on top of it,. LOL Hugz to all, Pat

Monday, October 12, 2009

Look at My New Header!!!!!

Oh I cannot tell you how excited I am about my new header. And a BIG thank you to my new on-line friend, Tiffany, who helped make it so pretty. Don't you just love the butterflies?? Butterflies have such a special meaning to me. They have to fight to come out of being bound in that ugly cocoon and become such a beautiful being. So many of us are bound in many different ways, fighting to get out of various bindings. That is what I am addressing in my life now. I have always been overweight, and so I am like that butterfly, fighting to get out of my cocoon, and my cocoon is "fat" and I am working on transforming to a new being. So far my journey has been exciting. My health is improving and I will share more as the time goes. My profile photo is a fairly new one after having lost around 35 lbs. I have lost more now and will post about my journey as time goes by. But for now, I just wanted to share my new banner and how excited and proud I am of it. Thank you Tiffany from the bottom of my heart. I love it!!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I Feel Good

Wasn't that the name of a song?? LOL Well I'm dating myself not, 'cause yep, that was a song and it was one of James Brown's biggest hits. I always loved it. It is amazing to me how good I really feel and I am so thankful for the change. Especially after going through so many health issues. I am walking every day and going to Curves. So far this week, I have walked a little over 3 miles and am shooting for that today too. I usually hate to exercise, but I am becoming a "walking machine". LOL Well really NOT, but I am trying and that is what counts.

As I said before, I am new to this blogging and especially new to posting. After two days, I finally figured out how to put my picture in my profile. Now that is sad, isn't it? Now I'm working on how to post my artwork. Keep your fingers crossed that I will accomplished that really soon. :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Great News

Well I FINALLY got my certifcation certificate for the Copic class that I took in June. We had a great time and learned a lot. Now it is practice, practice, and practice some more. I still think I need a Copic intervention. I now have ALL the colors and I attend any and all classes/workshops that I can to learn even more. I am even taking an on-line class with MCC and Colleen is our instructor. We are having a ball and if you have never taken a class there, you are in for a treat. I have also signed up for the Coloring Class, so it should be fun too. Now off to find that pesky little sign that says I'm a Certified Copic Teacher. :-)

Now that I have gotten my blog a little more to my liking (still not finished yet) and I hope to post a little more each day or at least each week.