Saturday, May 1, 2010

What a Journey

It has been a very long time since I posted last and so much has happened in my life, so I'd like to get everyone up to date. August 10th, 2009 was such an important day for me as it was the day I started getting my life back. I have fought weight issues most of my life and had really gotten out of control and was so unhealthy. I had even been put on oxygen 24/7. One of my Doctors had suggested (very strongly) that I attend an information meeting about weight loss surgery. That was so scary to me. I did go to the meeting, but I just couldn't sign off on it at that time. Then my cardiologist told me about a program that was held in the same center as the weight loss surgery but it was a non-surgical medically supervised program. My husband and I went to that information meeting and I signed up that night. I attended a 21 week program of using only the OptiFast products. It was amazing. My center (Nutrition Solutions) is staffed by the best people. They have all become so dear to me. Long story short, I came off my oxygen, my insulin, some other meds. I walk 3 - 5 miles per day, ride my bicycle, go to Curves everday and have become the "dancing queen". Now you have to realize that I am 65 years old, so I'm here to tell you that it is NEVER too late to improve your health. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that during that 21 week period, I lost 70 pounds!!!!! I am a work in progress, as I want to lose another 40 or so lbs. I am already down 74, so 36 more to go!!!! But the greatest thing is that I now know that it can me done. And the "icing" on the cake so to speak, is that I was one of the three Grand Prize winners of the Nationwide OptiFast Weight Loss Contest. I won a trip to NYC for 2, a $500 spa makeover, a $500 shopping spree, photos and interviews. How nice is that???? I am going to try and post my pictures and essay so that you all can read about it. I will keep you all updated on my progress and will definitely share pictures and stories about my trip. I am so BLESSED!!!!! 'Til next time...... OK, couldn't figure out how to post essay and pictures together, so pictures are at the beginning and below is my story. If you are out there and fighting a weight battle and are as unhealthy as I was, I pray that my story will somehow inspire you that you CAN do it. God Bless!!!

Congratulations Pat, National Optifast Contest Winner!

Nutrition Solutions is proud to announce that one of our very own members has won a national contest! OPTIFAST held a weight loss challenge to members across America, asking them to commit to giving their best effort and strive for weight loss success. The OPTIFAST judging panel looked at patients weight loss, percentage of body fat lost, creativity of a written essay, and the members overall attitude. Pat Jaynes completed Nutrition Solutions 21 week weight loss program and wowed the judges with her accomplishments! Pat exceeded the average weight loss of 52 pounds, and completed the 21 week program with a 70 pound weight loss! Pat has accomplished more than watching the numbers on a scale go down; she has made a positive change in her life. Please read Pats story below you will realize why she was one of 3 people to win a national weight loss competition:
When my Dr. ordered oxygen for me 24/7, I knew that I had to do something to save my life. I couldn’t walk across the floor without getting winded and my oxygen saturation level dropping dangerously low. That is when I learned about the OptiFast program. I went to an information meeting for the Optifast and also the weight loss surgery. I chose the OptiFast and am so happy that I did. The day I started the program, I thought how on earth I am going to go that long without “table” food, can I truly do this, and the answer was yes, I can do this. I had faith and I had hope. I took one day at a time and did exactly what my Dr. and Nutritionist told me to do. The weight started coming off and I was so excited which motivated me to keep working the program. But the best thing that happened was I came off the oxygen, I gradually built up my steps every week like I was instructed. As of December 28, I finished my 21 weeks with a weight loss of 70 lbs. I truly believe that this program has saved my life. I am now completely off my insulin (5 - 7 shots per day), off a couple of other meds, the strength reduced on another. I am walking every day (3 – 6 miles), going to Curves, and also riding my bike (first time in 7 years). I danced the night away on New Year's Eve celebrating the new me and the new me to come in 2010 as I continue to lose weight. My husband and are starting "swing dance" lessons the next week. I can't believe how much stamina I now have. Life is so good!!!! I still have about 40-45 lbs to go, but I know that I now can achieve this goal. It feels so good to be healthy again after so many years. Each day I continue to have small victories and surprises. The latest being that I now have collarbones again. I haven't seen those in 40years. August 10, 2009 was the beginning of the new me and my new life, thank you Optifast for your program and products. They have truly saved my life. – Pat Jaynes

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  1. Oh you look wonderful! Your color is better and you look happier. Bravo.