Monday, May 3, 2010

Slowly Getting There

Good Monday morning everyone. Well today was check-in day at my OptiFast Center and I'm down another 3 lbs. That makes 77 lbs lost during my OptiFast journey, but a total overall from my highest weight of 108 lbs lost. I need to lose 5.3 lbs by my trip to NY to reach my goal I had set for the trip. It may be tough to do that in 2 weeks, but I'm going to do my best.

I want to say how much I enjoy going to my sessions every Monday morning. Dawn, our nutritionist is the absolute BEST!!!! We always learn so much from her. And one of the best parts of going is to be with two of my good friends that I met at the center when I joined. We call ourselves "The Three Muskateers". These are very special people and I am blessed to have them in my lives. They give me so much inspiration. Kevin has lost close to 200 lbs and Marye has lost 80 something (sorry Marye, I didn't know the actual number) and it is always so good to be with them and chat. The three of us are in the "talking" stages of possibly starting a group where we get together and plan/prepare entrees (healthy foods) that we can bag and put in the freezer to pull out for dinners. I did something like this when I was in FL at a business called A Dinner Afare, but those entrees were definitely not "healthy". So I think this is something that could benefit all of us who are trying to maintain our weight and stay healthy. This was something that Kevin brought up.....and he being a Chef.....well, we can't go wrong. I know he has a lot of great ideas and menus that he can share with us, so we will be his little worker "bees". :-) Another idea that Marye shared with us..... we are planning on going to lunch once a month and see what to and how to order off the menu's making the meal a healthy one that will fit into our "calorie/fat/carb/etc" range. We will make lists and then pass them on to those who are interested. I know when I was in FL, I went to several resturants and told them exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it prepared, and guess what, they did it. At Longhorn one night I told the waiter I wanted my veggies steamed with no sauce/butter/seasonings, etc. Then I ordered a serving of sauteed mushrooms, but I told him I wanted them prepared the same way. He said they couldn't do that as the mushrooms were already prepared and were in butter. I told him that the manager cooked them himself last time I was there and that I wanted mine steamed with NOTHING on them. Well guess what, yep, got my veggies and mushrooms exactly like I wanted. Also told them no seasonings on my steak and dry grilled, no butter, etc. Got that like I wanted also. We just have to stick up for ourselves and order like we want or need them to be. They usually work with you, because they want you to come back.

Well 11 more days before my NY trip. I am getting a little anxious about the trip, as I haven't flown in so many years it isn't even funny. Also I have never been to NY, so I don't know what to expect. But I am so looking forward to it. It will be good to meet the other 2 grand prize winners, one from IN and one from IL. We will also meet some of the executives from Nestle who owns OptiFast, so that will be nice also.

That's all for today. It was pouring down rain today, so haven't been able to go out and walk. I'm off to possibly walk on my treadmill, or just throughout the house. Have a wonderful day everyone and God Bless.

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  1. I am so proud of you. I know only too well how hard a journey this is, and how we often have to walk it alone, since many do not understand. My very best friend has trouble keeping weight on! Oh that I had that problem. Keep going, and I am sure you will feel better. Have you been able to give up the oxygen? When I try to read your blog there is a photo bucket box that is sitting right on top of the text, making it hard to read. It says that an image or video has been deleted but I cannot get the box to go away. It moves with the text.